Why Choose China Highlights Travel?

Why Choose Us

Our company has been operating as a full service travel agency in China since 1959, and we've been online for over a decade. That’s a long time in Internet terms. Here are several reasons why more than 10,000 clients per year put their faith in us, as their China tour provider.

Authentic China Experience

China Highlights is committed to giving our customers an authentic China experience not just something staged for tourist. We will take you to authentic local restaurants wherever possible, not to tourist traps that all serve the same boring food.

After we have chosen the restaurants, attractions, hotels etc, we put them to the test by carefully monitoring our customer’s evaluations. This continual review process ensures that we act quickly if our high standards are not maintained by our suppliers.

We provide two meals each day, because most of our customers want the freedom to make their own dinner choices, whether it be Chinese or Western.

  • Authentic Food & dinning experiences
  • Great China destinations based on our knowledge and customer feedback
  • We try to use local guides that belong to the ethnic group in areas like Tibet and the Silk Road. This increases employment opportunities but also allows you to discover more of the local culture. 

Tours Giving You Freedom & Flexibility

"Discovery your way" is our motto and it is something that we are passionate about. We express this passion by giving our clients the tools to discover China in the way that best suits them.

  • Small private groups – See China in the luxury in your own private vehicle with your own guide and driver. They are focused on your needs not the whims of the people that just happened to have booked the same tour. Do what you want, when you want.
  • Tailor made and customized tours – We specialize in tailor-made and customized travel because these days many people prefer to travel independently and create their own unique itinerary. We can take your tour ideas and fill in the detail and help you to avoid the problems which only detailed local knowledge can avoid.
  • China owned & based since 1959 – We are not some fly-by-night company that wants to make a quick profit and run. Our teams of dedicated travel professionals know China, we know the hotels, we know the suppliers and we know the guides and drivers. Our local experience, knowledge and stability are your guarantee of quality.

Commitment to Customer Service through Team

  • Sales, Product, Customer Service, IT teams & Experienced Guides working together
  • Highest service level from enquiry until you arrive home

Being in China, we are able to provide 24/7 in-country support in the case of an emergency or for those unexpected events. A flight delay, cancellation or last minute change can happen at any time but a China Highlights travel advisor at the end of the phone provides the reassurance that you are in good hands, even though you may be thousands of miles from home.

It takes teamwork and passion to design, present and deliver a great China vacation. Our young team of dedicated professionals is proud of their country, and so they combine their many different skills to bring you travel products that they are proud of. Thousands of satisfied customers every year are our judges. Read our testimonials

Commitment to Quality

  • Quality tours – we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients.
  • Quality people – highly trained professionals in all departments
  • Quality website – easy to navigate with great content
  • Quality service - our future depends on past.

In our business, attention to detail is the key to quality. Every tour that we book is meticulously planned to try to ensure that it runs seamlessly. Our people personally inspect the attractions and hotels to ensure that they reach the standard that we and our clients expect while providing a true and authentic experience.   

Integrity and Honesty - First and Foremost

  • Relaxed & fair cancellation policy
  • Real value for money
  • Money back service guarantee
  • No hidden costs
  • Full disclosure of information including detailed flight information on the itinerary
  • Fairness and equity to customers, staff and suppliers

We believe that our high quality tours, value for money tours unique in China. The quality comes as a result or our commitment to honestly to our clients as well as our employees and other agents.

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Chinese Company Interfacing with the World

Who is better placed to provide excellent service and great value than a Chinese travel agency located in China? China is our backyard so we know China, the people, and the intricacies of doing business here.  Many years ago, we took our travel experience online to provide an interface for  our customers to experience the real China. China Highlights - Discovery your way, is the result.

Memberships and Partnerships

CITS Guilin and therefore China Highlights are members in good standing of major travel associations and have passed to rigorous scrutiny of financial organization like Paypal.com and Moneybookers.com

A More Environmentally-Friendly Operator

  • We employ more local people and use more local products and services than foreign tour operators, and we pay better salaries than other Chinese operators. This benefits local economies and contributes to a better social environment in the areas our customers visit.
  • We specialize in tailor-made and customized travels, most of which are arranged in small private groups. Keeping tour groups small reduces the impact of tourism on the environment, e.g. no noise pollution from loud hailers, and smaller vehicles mean less damage to roads.
  • We educate our customers about the local wildlife, environment and cultures, which helps travelers keep in harmony with the local environment.
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CATS: The China Association of Travel
PATA: Pacific Asia Travel Association
IATA: The International Air Transport Association
ASTA: The American Society of Travel Agents
USTOA: United States Tour Operators Association
CNTA: China National Tourism association

China Highlights' Awards

1996, 1997, 2000, 2004, 2009 Top 10 Guangxi International Travel Agencies
1997-2009 Top 100 Chinese International Travel Agencies
1998, 1999, 2007, 2009 Top 8 Guangxi International Travel Agencies
2000-2005 Top 7 Guilin International Travel Agencies
2006 The Travel Agency with the Best Credit
2006 Faithful and Honest Tourist Enterprise
China Highlights' Awards

Number of Foreign Travelers

Year Number of Foreign Travelers
2010 86,506
2009 75,636
2008 91,200
2007 132,000
2006 115,120
2005 130,290
2004 105,644
2003 55,748 *
2002 137,599
2001 136,758
2000 114,348
1999 105,519
1998 81,097

* sales affected by SARS

Customize China Tour

VIP's That Chose Us

Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Flexibility to change the itinerary or add an evening activity.
    Our motto is Discovery your way! We live up to this motto by making the tour as flexible as possible so that the customer is not hemmed in by an itinerary that is restrictive and inflexible.
  • Absolutely no forced shopping trips or tourist traps.
    We guarantee that our customers will be taken to only 1 factory outlet in any 2 full days.
  • We pay our guides and drivers a base salary plus a performance bonus however we realize that some people might like to tip guides or drivers for their service.
  • 24 hours contacts for a worry free tour
    When traveling with China Highlights, we will always be available for you, 24 hrs a day. We provide our clients with our cell phone number in case they need to contact us urgently.
  • Money back guarantee if our promises are not kept
    China Highlights is very serious about keeping our promises so "we are putting our money where our mouth is".
  • Can't take the tour.......no risk refund!
    We understand that in tough economic times, circumstances change. We want you to come to China but we don't want to cause hardship. We, in collaboration with our suppliers, have changed our cancellation policy to allow the maximum flexibility possible.

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